Adapt Solutions® Asento – XL Seat

The best thing about using the Asento – XL-Seat is that you transfer it onto your original vehicle seat. This means you get to keep all the original features inside the cab. All seat adjustment functions remain operational, the seatback still reclines completely, and even power or heated seats remain intact. It can be stopped at any height, according to your needs. The transfer board is covered with a vinyl surface and slight cushioning for easy transfer and it is removable allowing easy access to the vehicle to accommodate different drivers.

The versatility of this transfer seat is visible the moment you see it as it is extremely compact. It installs into the driver or front passenger positions of most Minivans, Pickup Trucks, SUV’s and even some Crossovers. It is installed into the seat’s original floor bolts with little or no modification to your vehicle.

Asento – XL Seat Specifications:

  • 275 pound weight capacity
  • Transfer board size: 75” X 17”
  • Lowers to the height of the vehicle floor and can be stopped at any height
  • Seat covered with vinyl surface and slight cushioning
  • Seat back reclines completely

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