Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

Mobility lifts from Ability Center are a convenient way to transport your scooter or mobility device wherever you go. These specially designed wheelchair lifts for vehicles, allow you to carry your mobility device fully assembled, and many keep the trunk space available for other items. Raise and store your scooter or wheelchair weighing up to 400 lbs., using a Class III hitch with a 2 inch receiver.

Bruno scooter on handicap SUV lift


This easy to use lift, raises and stores your unoccupied scooter or power wheelchair outside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Out-Sider do the lifting for you. Scooters and powerchairs are automatically secured when lift is raised. Retractable belts are also available for securement.

Woman using the Joey scooter lift


This simple to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or power wheelchair chair inside your minivan or full size van at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Joey lift and store your mobility device for you. Securement belts are included for safety during transport. An optional barrier system is available for added safety and convenience.

Man using the bruno chariot scooter lift on sedan


This groundbreaking product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair (weighing up to 350 lb./160 kg.) outside your small, mid-sized, or large car at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Chariot do the lifting for you. Self-tensioning retractable belts are included for securement (one hand operation).

Demonstration of out-rider wheelchair lift in truck


Bruno invented this incredible wheelchair and scooter lift.   The Out-Rider has been the industry standard for more than 15 years. The Out-Rider quickly lifts your manual wheelchair or travel scooter (HD version available for your heavier powerchair or scooter) from the front door of your pickup truck and stores it in the bed for transport, all with the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button and let your Out-Rider do the lifting for you!

Big lifter wheelchair lift in minivan


Bruno’s VSL-570 wheelchair lift for vehicles and stores your mobility scooter, manual wheelchair or powerchair, up to 400 lbs., inside your vehicle with the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button, and let your Big Lifter do the heavy lifting for you! Once raised to the proper height, manually guide your personal mobility device into the vehicle.

Demo of bruno space saver in back of car


Solve the problem of limited trunk space.  Use the economical take-apart Bruno Space-Saver to transport a wheelchair or small scooter lift when your vehicle has limited trunk space or a hatchback. Assemble the lift, connect the docking device, push a button and the Space-Saver automatically lifts your mobility device.

Bruno lifter scooter lift in car


Connect the docking device, press a button and Bruno’s Lifter will raise and stow a folding manual wheelchair, travel scooter or travel powerchair into the trunk of your car. Manually guide the mobility device into place, and you’re ready to hit the road. The wheelchair and scooter lift has a 200 lb. lifting capacity.

woman demonstrating the asento lift


Open your vehicle’s door and fold down the transfer board down. Once transferred onto the unit, use the retractable support support arm for safety and balance when you ride up to the driver’s seat. Keep your original seat, and all seat functions remain operational. Maximum capacity 275 lbs.

speedy wheelchair lift on a minivan


How it works: Simply back your wheelchair up to the Speedy-Lift, push the “In” button and watch the Speedy-Lift pick up your wheelchair and tuck it into place behind the driver’s seat. A full cycle takes less than 30 seconds! Equipped with an automatic locking system that fastens your wheelchair in place. The Speedy-Lift is designed for rigid framed manual wheelchairs.

woman demonstrating the adapt solutions power pull


The POWER-PULL is designed to help a wheelchair up the ramp of a lowered floor minivan; 15 feet of stainless steel cable. Pick up the POWER-PULL hooks and position the wheelchair in front of the ramp. Place the hooks on the wheelchair and then press and hold the IN button. It’s as simple as that! The Power-Pull can also be used for exiting the vehicle.

woman showing xl board in vehicle


The XL-BOARD is a stationary, foldable and retractable vehicle transfer board designed to bridge the gap when transferring from a wheelchair to a driver or front passenger seat of the Mazda 5. The XL-BOARD is designed to be installed into the Mazda 5® exclusively. The Mazda 5® is the only vehicle of its kind to offer a sliding door in the central position. This feature offers ideal space for loading and unloading a wheelchair.

wheelchair next to xl seat


Open your vehicle’s door and fold the XL-SEAT down. Once transferred onto the XL-SEAT, use the retractable support arm for safety and balance while it takes you up to the driver’s seat. When using the XL-SEAT you transfer onto your original seat. All seat adjustment functions remain operational, the seatback still reclines completely; even power or heated seats can remain intact.

demonstration of chair topper on a sedan


Think of the Chair Topper as valet service for your wheelchair! This convenient car top wheelchair carrier is ideal for independent drivers who can transfer into a vehicle but would prefer their wheelchair not take up precious seating or storage space.

Harmar al100 scooter lift


The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is today’s most popular outside scooter lift. The unique hold-down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350 lb. lifting capacity.

Harmar al580 on back of SUV


The lightest solution on the market providing more options! The AL580 is a compact, durable and American-made outside vehicle platform lift that safely and securely transports power wheelchairs. With tidy and space efficient rear profile, this wheelchair lift for vehicles has a highly desirable and understated presence on the vehicle exterior. The AL580 is easy to operate and built to last for years of trouble-free use. Designed to meet the needs of consumers who need a quick, automatic securing option without making modifications to their power wheelchair, the stylish and compact detailing of this lift make it a most have for power wheelchair owners.

Harmar AL560 wheelchair lift


Harmar’s AL560 is designed to meet the needs of users who need a quick, automatic securing option without modifications to their power chair. The adjustable platform and vertically adjustable, padded hold-down arm safely and automatically secures virtually any power chair up to 350 lbs. When empty, the platform automatically folds up and out of the way. One switch operation and drive on/off platform make this fully automatic, American-made lift even easier to use.

Harmar al500 displayed on back of SUV


Harmar’s durable, American-made AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift is the world’s most popular outside platform lift. With a 350 lb. lifting capacity, The AL500 is easy to operate and built to last for years of trouble-free use. The universal design safely transports the power chair without making any chair modifications. The AL500HD Universal Power Chair Lift with heavy-duty 400 lbs. capacity!

Harmar al600 on back of vehicle


Harmar Hybrid Lifts provide easy drive-on, drive-off convenience for power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The compact design of this AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift fits virtually all scooters & power chairs and is ideal for SUV’s and smaller crossovers. Smaller vehicle space? New EZ-Detach Seatback accessory converts power chairs to a lower profile to fit more easily into small cargo areas. This wheelchair and scooter lift includes easy-turn handles, weight-distributing handle bar for easy removal and replacement.

Man sitting on coach lift rv lift


RV Lift by Coach Lift® is an RV lift designed for durability and ease of use. It eliminates the need for widening or modifying the RV entry door. It can be installed on the exterior of the RV, adjacent to the entry door. It can also be installed inside the door, mounted in the step-well of the RV. The user sits in the lift chair, pushes the hand-held control button, then rises gently on the vertical lift tube. The RV lift chair swings through the door opening into the interior of the RV, bringing the user to the living floor of the vehicle.

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