Hand Controls for Cars & Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Automotive hand controls and driving aids can be installed on any vehicle, accessible or non-accessible. Our skilled technicians can help choose the best controls for you; from MPS, Guidosimplex, Sure-Grip, Veigel, etc.

Push/pull hand controls installed in car


Handicap driving controls allow for miles and miles of relaxed trouble-free driving. All hand controls and accessories may be used for right or left hand operation. An automatic transmission is required, and must only be installed in wheelchair accessible vehicles with power steering and brakes. Accelerating and braking are distinctive and easy to use in the flow of traffic.

EMC electronic hand controls


One touch hand control driving aids– Joysticks — have revolutionized the handicap driving experience for the severely disabled. Quadriplegics and individuals who can move no more than two extremities can now safely operate a handicap accessible vehicle equipped with Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC). Steering controls, gas and brake, turn signals, windows and doors, transmission selector and other accessible vehicle operating features can be tailored to your needs and programmed with EMCs by our Certified Mobility Technicians

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