PHOENIX–The high demand for products by Vantage Mobility International, a manufacturer and distributor of wheelchair accessible vans, led the company to recently increase its workforce by approximately 25 percent. Over the past several months, the company hired 40 additional people to support projects at their Arizona manufacturing facility and is actively recruiting more to ramp up production of new products.

“Demand for our class-leading Honda, Chrysler, GM and Ford based wheelchair vans continues to be strong,” said Doug Eaton, president/CEO of Vantage Mobility International. “While it was a tough year for many businesses, we’ve accelerated manufacturing to fulfill orders and we’re adding specialists to help develop our next generation of vehicles. We’re committed to maintaining our position as the leader in the mobility industry with the most innovative, leading edge products.”

VMI is an American success story. Its roots begin in the 1970s when three entrepreneurs modified a car for a friend who yearned for the independence of his own vehicle. The men created the first car of its kind, which was the beginning of the company. Dedicated to innovation, they went on to convert the first Chrysler minivan years later. VMI has also been the number one provider of mobility converted Honda Odyssey based vehicles since the company pioneered a system for it five years ago. Over the years, the Phoenix-based company has continued to thrive internationally.

Since the beginning of the year, VMI added 32 permanent employees and 18 contract employees. Positions range from production associates to material handlers, skilled laborers (welders, CNC machine operators), buyers, quality inspectors and engineers. The company is also actively recruiting 40 people for the development of new products.

VMI currently converts the Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country vehicles for wheelchair accessibility its exclusive side-entry Northstar ramp and dropped floor system. The company also offers wheelchair and scooter lifts. With the expansion of the company, VMI has many projects underway to deliver the most innovative, reliable and dependable conversions in the market through dealers worldwide.

Not only has VMI increased its number of employees, the company also gave cost of living raises and incremental bonuses to its staff last year. The investment in VMI’s workforce demonstrates the company’s financial stability, expectations for new products and continued demand for its products.

“As the pioneer in this industry, VMI continues to lead while others follow,” said Eaton. “Our team is projecting strong, steady growth for the company based on our success over the past several years. It’s a great time for VMI, its dealers and customers.”


VMI is a manufacturer and distributor of the most innovative, reliable, highest quality and easily accessible transportation in the world. Their full line of products include domestic and import minivan conversions, full-size van conversions, platform lifts, scooter and wheelchair lifts and transfer seats. VMI’s mobility products enable consumers to travel with comfort, convenience and peace of mind. For more information, call Jennifer Pullen at (214) 520-3430 Ext. 307 or visit