United Way of the Big Bend Press Release:


The dream of increased mobility became a reality for one local resident today as United Way of the Big Bend (UWBB) handed over the keys to a donated, wheelchair-accessible van.

Onlookers crowded outside UWBB as Katharine Schuyler Seyfert accepted the keys as new owner of a customized 2002 Chrysler Town & Country LX Van.

“You have no idea what this means to me now,” said Katharine Schuyler Seyfert, wheelchair-accessible van recipient. “I’m blown away with the opportunity to have this van … it will change my life. Having wheelchair-accessible transportation is essential to living and functioning independently in the community. It would provide me with greater control of my life, and I’m honored with this gift and opportunity at improving my life.”

The van has been customized with the required modifications to make it accessible and drivable for a person with a disability who uses a wheelchair or scooter. The van was awarded based on the person who submitted the most compelling need for the van after the applicant-review process was completed.

“My dad no longer had a need for the van and wanted to give it to someone who could truly benefit from it,” said Bill Moor, Jr., Capital City Banc Investments president. “I immediately called our local United Way because they are the natural fit to place it with an appropriate person. Also years ago, my grandfather (Frank Moor) helped found our local United Way.”