Many of us know about scooters, wheelchairs and handicap accessible vans but there are a lot of products on the market that may not be so familiar and they offer great solutions for many people.  Here is some information about Assist Seats.

Assist Seating
There are a couple of manufacturers who make assist seats which help people get in and out of vehicles.  Maybe you have an elderly family member or a child who has trouble walking; these assist seats make getting around town so much easier.

The Bruno Valet Seat is a great product and has many features and benefits including:
1. Power functionality
2. Hundreds of installation options; including SUV’s, minivans, CUV’s, etc.
3. No structural modifications are done to your vehicle so it can be reinstalled into other vehicles if needed.

The Adapt Solutions Link is a new and innovative product that hit the market in 2014 and is different than the Bruno Valet seat in a couple ways:
1. Uses the original seat in your vehicle
2. Retains the heated seats (if your vehicle has them)
3. Has a lift-up feature for those needing a little extra help getting out of the seat.

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