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Mobility Funding Announces New Options in Adaptive Vehicle Financing Available for Customers and Dealerships

Mobility Funding has today announced the development and rollout of unique new financing programs designed for customers and dealerships in need of adaptive vehicle financing.

Online Sources (PRWEB) 17, November, 2009 – Mobility Funding, an expert provider of financing programs for adaptive vehicles, has today announced new programs designed to provide benefits for both customers and dealerships.

Adaptive vehicles are unique commodities on the market. Few automakers manufacturer vehicles designed for the physically handicapped, necessitating that in order to attain such a vehicle, consumers or dealerships must usually retrofit existing models. This can be quite expensive, depending on the amount of retrofit equipment, changes to structural design of the van and many other considerations.

Traditionally, locating financing options for such needs has been tedious and difficult. However, Mobility Funding, a company long acquainted with the need for greater mobility for the physically challenged, has announced new funding options for both consumers and dealerships in need of adaptive vehicles.

Their innovative program combines secure online applications with a 90% approval rate, creating an enormously beneficial environment for such needs. In addition, the company assures a swift processing time, as well as nationwide financing options available for those in need.

Mobility dealers can benefit by being able to provide their own customers with affordable financing options for their needs, while consumers can be approved directly for their own loans in order to obtain wheelchair accessible vans, driving aids and other retrofit and conversion needs.

Mobility Funding works with a variety of different lenders in order to bring the most competitive interest rates, the lowest down payment requirements and the best loan terms possible to their customers. Through an in-depth analysis of customer-based needs, Mobility Funding chooses the lender that is the best fit possible.

In addition to these new programs, Mobility Funding employs experienced financial advisors to assist consumers and dealers understand the lending process, as well as how best to put the funds to use once they have been obtained.

To find out more about how Mobility Funding can provide benefits and financing for adaptive vehicle needs for both consumers and dealers, visit them at

About Mobility Funding: Mobility Funding provides consumers and dealers with access to a wide variety of lenders in order to secure proper financing for adaptive vehicle needs. The company employs a team of professionally trained financial advisors to advise consumers and dealers, as well as to choose the right financing package for each specific case.