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Mobility Classifieds Announces All New Programs to Help Consumers Locate Required Mobility Aids

Mobility Classifieds has today announced the rollout of new programs designed to help consumers locate vital mobility aids and handicapped vehicles to enhance their quality of life.

17, November, 2009 – Mobility Classifieds, an online provider of mobility information for disabled persons, has today announced the implementation and rollout of new programs designed to help the physically challenged locate needed mobility aids to increase their freedom and their quality of life.

Mobility Classifieds functions as a specialty classifieds page, providing those in need of mobility aids with the means to locate such equipment as they require. The company also provides consumers who have such equipment in their possession with a means of ensuring it goes to those who truly need it, as well as providing dealers with opportunities to grow their customer base.

Mobility equipment can be quite difficult to locate in many areas of the nation. However, through these unique new programs, it can become a simple task. Mobility Classifieds features several categories of classified advertisements, including new handicapped vehicles, used handicapped vehicles and Honda handicapped vehicles.

In addition, two other categories have been added. The handicapped vehicle financing category is designed to help disabled persons connect with lenders able to supply vital financing for the purchase or retrofit of a handicapped vehicle. The “Find a Local Handicapped Vehicle Dealer” category is designed to put consumers in touch with professional dealers able to provide them with mobility aids, equipment installation, advice about equipment, as well as installation and retrofitting services.

Additional categories implemented by Mobility Classifieds include wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, and minivan and full sized vans, which provide information about ramps, as