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Lift My Scooter Announces Innovative New Line of Mobility Aids for Disabled Persons

Lift My Scooter has today announced that they are offering an innovative new lineup of mobility aids and enhancements for disabled persons seeking greater mobility and freedom.

17, November, 2009 – Lift My Scooter, a leader in the area of mobility aids and handicap vehicle accessories, has announced a new lineup of innovative solutions for disabled persons in need of better mobility and increased freedom.

Mobility is a key issue for disabled persons. Without access to the right tools, equipment and mobility aids, disabled persons are often locked out of life, forced to travel only where their scooter or wheelchair can carry them. Traveling with scooters and wheelchairs can be a great difficulty, and, in some cases, almost an impossibility.

However, Lift My Scooter has committed to bringing disabled persons the solutions required to ensure better mobility. Lift My Scooter offers Elite G2 scooter lifts, as well as Excel scooter lifts, Outback scooter lifts and even access to information concerning adaptive vehicles for disabled persons.

The key to engendering greater quality of life for those with physical disabilities is providing access to viable solutions for mobility. Lift My Scooter understands this and has brought some of the most powerful options within reach of those in need.

The scooter lifts available through Lift My Scooter offer more than just convenience; for those who have to carry their scooter with them when they travel, these devices are a necessity. Each lift offered by the company exceeds all federal guidelines and ensures that owners are able to achieve simple, easy use and tremendous convenience, as well.

For instance, the Elite G2 lift offered by the company has a capacity of 350 lbs, mounts in the rear of a disabled van, does not block line of sight and comes with a wireless remote control. This is just one example of how Lift My Scooter remains committed to providing mobility aids to those in need.

To find out more about how Lift My Scooter can help with mobility problems, or to find out more about scooter lifts, visit them at

About Lift My Scooter: Lift My Scooter is a company founded with the express purpose of providing disabled persons with access to high quality, fully functional accessories and aids to assist with mobility. Through their dedication, physically handicapped persons now have access to some of the most powerful, versatile lift solutions on the market.