If you are looking to purchase a handicap accessible vehicle or want to modify your existing vehicle to incorporate wheelchair accessibility into it, VMI Northstar is the most common way to go about it. VMI’s Northstar mobility van conversion features a power in-floor disability ramp that provides open, unrestricted access to the inside of the van without having to leave your wheelchair. It also provides plenty of space to comfortable maneuver a wheelchair without obstructing or affecting other areas of the vehicle.

The wheelchair accessible van with Northstar conversion can be operated simply through a remote keychain control that brings the ramp down to ground level, activates the PowerKneel system, and opens the door for the passenger. There are many different seating options available to accommodate all passengers. In the event of a vehicle malfunction or if it loses power, there is also a manual way to operate it so you don’t have to depend on your vehicle in order to safely enter and exit.

Ability Center offers VMI Northstar handicap conversions to customers all across California, Nevada, and Arizona. If you are thinking about incorporating this product into your vehicle and want to learn more or see a demonstration for a better feel of how it looks, contact us today! We look forward to helping you develop a vehicle that suits your needs.