Another mobility problem solved by our Eugene, OR location:

Brian Dale called our mobility consultant in Eugene, OR, Kathy Morgan, in a panic.  Brian had just bought a new Ford C-Max and was told no scooter lift and no air bag on/off switch could be installed.  Brian had called every mobility equipment dealer in the State of Idaho as well as Oregon. He was reaching out to find someone who would give him some sort of hope.

The Dale Family


After hearing Brian’s story Kathy told him she would talk to our service department to see if we could help him out.  One of our service technicians, Tom, called two scooter lift manufacturers, Bruno Independent Living Aids, and Harmar Mobility to see if any mobility lift would accommodate Brian’s Pride Mobility Go Go Traveler scooter.  Both manufacturers told us there was no lift application that would work.  Tom and Kathy decided to do their own research to see what the issue might be.

Service technician with Brian's scooter and lift


Because this vehicle is a Hybrid there are batteries in the rear cargo compartment that created an issue for the Manufacturers.  After going to several dealerships in town and looking at the Hybrid C-Max, Tom and Kathy came to the conclusion that yes something could be installed with a little work.

Tom with Brian's scooter and lift


The air bag on/off switch was an easy fix just needed to have NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to approve the work.  With Brian’s persistent calling, he was able to get the “okay” from NHTSA after six weeks… which is pretty fast for NHTSA.  Now the struggle to get the lift to fit.

Brian's scooter in the car

Brian asked his Vocational Rehabilitation counselor if she was willing to help him with the cost of the mobility lift  and air bag on/off switch install, knowing that the lift may not fit.  After several months of emails back and forth his counselor was able to obtain the authorization for both installs.  Finally the light at the end of the tunnel seemed to be obtainable… then Brian had another issue.  His scooter that was to be delivered during all this mess still hadn’t been delivered.  So Ability Center and Vocational Rehabilitation patiently waited for his Durable Medical Equipment supplier to receive his scooter.  Another month goes by and Kathy gets a phone call from a very excited Brian, “my scooter is here!”  As they celebrated, Tom called Bruno to order the lift and amazingly, in the time we started this whole project, Bruno had tested the VSL-6900 in the C-Max and found that it was a doable application.

Tom and Brian's scooter

Brian shipped his car from Idaho and Ability Center was able to get the VSL-6900 installed in his C-Max and his air bag on/off switch (which was custom mounted in the glovebox, per customers request).  Brian, his wife and child thank Ability Center for not giving up on him and going the extra mile to accommodate his needs when no one else would.