We are constantly keeping our eyes open for innovative products that make our lives easier.  When we heard about the S’up Spoon we thought it was genius!  Below is a video of their Kickstarter campaign from 2015.  Since then, the product has come to market and is available for sale on the company website, www.sup-products.com

Award Winning Design!
Blackwood Homes Care and Support Design Awards showcased designs from around the world but a panel of expert judges chose the remarkable S’up Spoon as the winner.

Designed by computer science graduate Grant Douglas, who lives in Edinburgh, and industrial designer Mark Penver, who is based in Glasgow and works at 4c Design, the spoon reduces spillage and is designed to help those with shaky hands, such as people with CP and Parkinsons.

It differs from standard cutlery as it has a deeper cavity which partially extends into the handle allowing it to contain food and liquids more securely.

sup spoon