Ability Center, a leading provider of handicap vans and mobility equipment, has joined forces with Maricopa Health Foundation to offer independence to a 17-year-old student.

Ability Center Phoenix, one of the nation’s most trusted providers of wheelchair vans and other vital mobility equipment, recently showed just how deep their commitment to the community runs. Joining forces with Maricopa Health Foundation, Ability Center gave a young student and family the ability to increase independence and freedom through a donation of equipment, time and compassion.

Ability Center Phoenix has long been known for their dedication to providing those within their community help and assistance to improve their quality of life. So, when Maricopa Health Foundation approached the wheelchair van dealer about the plight of a 17-year-old student without the means to get a needed wheelchair to and from school or other locations, they jumped into action.

One of the most difficult challenges individuals with physical disabilities face is being able to transport their wheelchair with them. In most instances, wheelchair vans can be the solution. However, Ability Center was able to modify the family’s existing vehicle. Not only did the company donate a modern wheelchair lift, but they also provided the swing away and the time required to install the lift on the vehicle. In addition they also taught the family how to use the lift equipment effectively.

Today, the family enjoys a hitch-mounted power wheelchair lift capable of transporting the student’s wheelchair to and from school, extracurricular activities and more. Through the partnership between Ability Center Phoenix and Maricopa Health Foundation, the entire family is able to enjoy greater freedom and independence and the young student has a greatly increased quality of life, as well.

“There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles from this family and knowing that Ability Center had a small part in making their lives easier. I thank the Maricopa Health Foundation for giving Ability Center the privilege of helping,” says Chad Blake, Sales Manager at Ability Center.