It’s getting to be that time of season—that time of season where running errands is important, and where independence is definitely a virtue.  When one is disabled the idea of depending on other people for everything (from errands to transportation to social fun and entertainment) can be discouraging.  However, you don’t have to live like this.  You can reach out and take life by the steering wheel—the steering wheel of a new handicap accessible vehicle!

Wheelchair accessible vehicles allow disabled individuals the chance to easily drive around town, get in and out of cars, and live a perfectly normal life.  These days, the selection is not just limited to conversion vans.  Today, there are all sorts of vehicles like minivans, trucks, cars and even wheelchair accessible motorcycles.  These vehicles are not just about convenience; they also have luxury features, the newest auto comforts and excellent reliability.

The dealerships that offer handicap vans usually provide niceties like financing, rentals, home deliveries and help with paperwork and local or government incentives.  We’re living in a time where it’s easier than ever before to lease a car.  Take advantage of modern technology and see what Ability Center has to offer you.

The company’s selection of handicap vans is stunning and is just what you need to feel inspired about life and opportunity.  The company has been in business since 1994 and is now one of the largest mobility stores in the southwestern United States.  Whether you want a newly converted van, want to replace a wheelchair lift, or customize a set of hand controls, you can find the help you need.  We have the best handicap vans in the southwest and are ready to help you find more than just a ride home…we want to help you find a whole new way of life!