One of the most popular wheelchair minivans on the market today is the Honda Odyssey, and one of the most popular conversions is the Northstar from VMI. Those who want to ride in luxury and style choose this side entry minivan because of the many different options that are available as well as the excellent standard features.

Knowing that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle breaking down is the kind of peace of mind that everyone wants. Honda is known for their reliability when it comes to their vehicles, and their customers couldn’t be happier.

Easy Operation
The Honda wheelchair vans have a power door with easy to use manual operation as well as a power in floor ramp that features a nonskid surface. The bases on the front seats are removable too. The vans drive smoothly, and the ride is luxurious.

Lowered Floor
The minivan offers a lowered floor, which provides you with much more headroom than you would find in a standard minivan. This is great news for those who do not want to feel cramped when they are riding as a passenger, or driving the vehicle.

Stylish Looks
While you might not think of the minivan as the most aesthetically attractive vehicle, the Honda wheelchair vans might just change your mind. They are a sleek and attractive way to cruise around town or go on vacation, and they will make sure that you are able to take your wheelchair and everything else you need along with you wherever you go.

Safety is Important
The vans have been crash tested so you can be sure they are safe. They also feature other safety features such as wheelchair tie downs. You can find other types of safety features for your wheelchair that you can have added if you wish.
When you are looking for Honda wheelchair vans, make sure that you purchase your vehicle through a reliable and known dealership. You can find great dealers who have staff members that are able to help you sift through all of the different choices and options. They can help you find the best van that fits every one of your needs.
Don’t let another day go by without looking into getting one of these remarkable minivans. They can change your life and help you get out and start doing all those things you enjoy.

Article Written by Bob Lundin.